Day 13 – 24 Radiations and 4 Chemos to Go!

2017-10-28 20.57.10
Day 13 178 lbs

What an amazing day I had today!  I owe most of it to my beautiful wife who took me out into a wonderful world that only God could have created.  We got up about 8:30 and after my smoothie, Honeybun, Pedialyte, anti-nausea pill, aloe vera rubdown and a baking soda moth swish we were ready to go!  We headed out to see two of our favorites, Ray and Phyllis Smith.  Ray is a woodturning buddy of both of us and has a stash of  ramin wood that is perfect for a project Kat is doing and, as always, Ray was gracious and generous.  They are such a great couple that will do anything to help another person and Ray puts on a fresh fish fry that is indescribably delicious.  Phyllis is a sweetheart in a league of her own.  They are bright spots in our lives and we love them dearly. No trip to the Smith’s is complete without checking out the garden, a cup of coffee and a smile.

Next trip was to the see Keoni and Amy Mc-Switzer, our brother and sister-in-love. Remember, they lost their house in hurricane Irma and we wanted to check in them. It was such a nice day  that Amy was relaxing in the shade.  That and and they are at a stand still on reconstruction until the City, FEMA and the insurance companies get their acts together – it may be awhile. We just enjoyed some time together and looked at the horses.  We were just going to run by the store to pick up a pork loin for dinner so we invited them to join us for dinner later.

At home I set up the live stream for the Florida Georgia game and settled down for a nap while Kat whipped up one of her feasts and watched the fiasco that was once called a football game. Needless to say the 42 – 7 romp was a good day for Georgia fans.  Just about sunset I was sitting on the patio enjoying the quiet thinking about what a wonderful day it had been so far.  We had spend the day with friends, all going through their own difficult times and, you know, we all shared what was going on in our lives and every single person was so grateful to be where they were and to have each other in our lives.  What more in life could you ask for?2017-10-28 18.43.19Dinner was bacon wrapped pork loin, baked potatoes with butter, sour cream, and bacon, field peas, cauliflower casserole and pound-cake with ice-cream, strawberries and whipped cream. Add in phone calls from Kat’s daddy Larry, Bernard and my sister Jan… is wonderful to be me!  and I’m already done with a 3rd of my treatments.

God blessed me today by putting all these wonderful people in my life and giving me the time to spend with them.  I need to remember that life is more than checking off things that I need to get done.  Yes they are important, but what happens if I don’t get them done?  Probably not as bad I I think, after all they will still be there tomorrow.

Getting ready for the fair

Tonight I sit with the love of my life, the woman who took me by the hand and spent the day with me.  Reminding me that if you don’t get in the way, it is all good.

LESSON OF THE DAY – Those lists can wait sometimes…you are important too

Day 11 – 26 Radiations and 4 Chemos to Go!

2017-10-26 14.33.10
Day 11 182 lbs

Hola Compadres!  Thursday night and all is good in the house.  How the hell did it get to be Thursday night??? I went into the radiation treatment room and Hana goes I’ve got you scheduled at 8:20 in the morning I replied who did I make mad?  She reminded me that tomorrow was Friday and my double day!  But I get ahead of myself.  My day started with a text from my brother-in-law Albert wishing me a good day and a message from another woodturner, Suzanne Bonsall Kahn.  Susan sent me a picture of a project that she is working on to raise money for a “Movember” event and it is awesome!  It really gave me a smile and started my day. Suzanne is an accomplished woodworker, woodturner, artist and teacher.  She is on my “to do” list for classes to take.  Her


studio is in Philadelphia and her work is wonderful.  You can check her out at or her Facebook page dovetail facebook  .  When I arrived at the center today I stopped at the art table to see what was going on and was met by Oscar.  I wish I could show you his picture but he was so cute and about 5.  He presented me with a Halloween Card and wished me a spooky day.  How can you not feel great!

When I got home I went to the shop and had a couple hours of fun.  I told you that I am making wooden fish out of scraps from my table bases for the centers art project.  Well here they are.

The only problem was it really took the wind out of my sails.  I knocked off about 3:30 and came in to get dressed for yoga and made the mistake of sitting down for a moment.  As I started to doze off I decided I needed a nap more than yoga so changed into my pajamas and snoozed.

Today was a good day, it was filled with people, sunshine, sawdust and you, what more could a person want.


LESSON OF DAY – Take time to notice the little things they are important


Day 4 – 32 Radiations and 5 Chemos to Go!

2017-10-19 10.56.31
Day 3 – Back in the shop! 182 lbs

Hey guys!  I hope that it was a good day for you, I am quickly realizing that this is a game of ups and downs.  Today was not especially a good day.  I woke up about 4am and and lounged in bed reading and dozing until about 8, when I finally got up and fixed my breakfast protein smoothie.  I have a table I am working on and I got dressed and put a coat of stain on it before I went to radiation at 1:50. That way I could put a second on it when I came home.  So after forcing down lunch, macaroni and cheese and hummus, I decided to get cleaned up and lay on the couch to catch the news.  Not such a good a plan!  I awoke at 2:10 and had to call Hanna to let her know that I was late for a second time this week.  It all worked out because there was another

2017-10-19 11.02.25
Bread Board Table Top

patient who got done with his doctor appointment  early and she switched us. Well that didn’t stop the sleepy head jokes when I got there….I got plenty of good-natured kidding from everyone. On they way home I stopped by the store and did get the second coat on the top before I collapsed on the couch.

Expectations are going to have to become a thing of the past if I am going to get through this with my sanity.  I am going to have re-adopt a real “one moment at a time” attitude.  Today my expectations were to get that table finished, not just stained, go to my appointment, run by the bank and the store then come home to turn some acorns, before i went to yoga and writing to you.  As you can clearly see that was a pipe dream.   I have to go back again to early sobriety where my job was to don’t drink, call my sponsor, go to a meeting and perform necessary functions.  I have to switch my expectations to taking my medication and treatments, consuming calories and taking care of myself, then anything else.  I cleared my calendar for a reason.  The problem is admitting I need help….EGO, letting go of the idea that I am not enough.  It seems that this would be an easy thing with all the love, support and offers that I get everyday from people who are happy to do it.  It’s admitting that I am sick and that I need help and being okay with that. Peter and I had a discussion on the phone this morning about what really is humility?  It is defined; the quality or condition of being humble; modest opinion or estimate of one’s own importance, rank, etc. Wow!  My self worth is not defined by how much I get done, the household and world will get by if I don’t meet my expectations….Who Knew?  We have Bernard and Susie coming for dinner tomorrow night and guess what?  They are coming to spend time with Kat and I, they don’t care if the house is picked up or the laundry is done – hell, they would probably do it if I let them, OR even better, asked them! I am acceptable and lovable just as I am, they know I am sick.  The love and caring that I get are not contingent on what I get done, or how my house looks, they love me for who I am.  They know and accept that my only task is to fight cancer and take care of myself.  They are okay with that and so should I.  God will sort out the rest if I ask, have faith, and set aside my ego to humble myself to ask for help.

Tomorrow I am scheduled for 2 radiation treatments, one at 8am and one at 3pm, come home and ice down my neck and apply aloe vera, consume 2000 calories of high protein food and rest if I need to.  That is my job, anything else is gravy!  When Bernard and Susie get here if I don’t feel good I can spend a few moments and get some hugs then go to bed and let them enjoy time with Kat…..It will be okay – they love me and understand.

LESSON OF THE DAY – Remember that you are not defined by what you get done. Let go of your stinking ego and ask for help if you need it. My only job is to get well.