Day 193 – Rainy Day in Louisville

2018-06-10 21.16.18
Day 193 – Blessed

Hi guys, I have had a bit of a procrastination streak and I have been up and down the last 3 weeks.  Push, rest, rally and repeat – When I think about it that is what most of us go through in life it is just that it has become more top of mind with me.  It has been a pretty busy 3 weeks, Memorial Day weekend we decided to check out my stamina and headed to see out friend Steve, the Slawdog, Lawson, his wife Tina and their daughters Falin and Darin in Baker, FL.  For those of you geographically challenged folks, Baker is about 30 miles north of Destin, Fl and has about 7,000 residents and one red light.  They live on a farm that they share with Steve’s mom and dad and they raise chickens and cows. They also have 2 shops Steve has a car shop and Jim his dad has a wood shop testosterone on parade!  Steve came into our lives a couple of years ago when he was in Jacksonville putting sprinklers in the Fed Ex Ground facility near us and fate put us together when he wanted someone to teach him to turn.  Well over that 6 months he became part of the family and the rest is history.  We had a great weekend laying on the beach in Destin on Saturday and lounging by the river on Sunday.  We had lots of food and fun with the family and are really glad we made the trip.

River Life
The Family
2018-05-28 20.05.28
Kat’s new shoes

We hit the next week running going back to work on Tuesday and Wednesday I had my 6 month checkup.  Thank God I am still cancer free!  Of course I got the scope through the nose, but it was totally worth it.  Dr Dagan said I looked so good that we are going to skip the 9 month scans and just go with an exam.  We will repeat the scans at a year.  I told Carlene that they needed to do a better job telling patients about how slow recovery is and the smart ass told me that they did, but the hard headed patients didn’t listen. She looked back at her notes and let me know me that I was actually ahead of where she said I would be and that I should just zip it.  My weight was down a couple of pounds but I’m

2018-06-05 20.48.41
Picture Kat made for me!

still was well within the acceptable range.  All and all it was damn good news and with the continued improvements in taste, hair and strength they think that I should be back to normal by the end of the year – lets hope!  As you can probably guess with all of the activity and excitement I went down like a rock on Saturday.  I got out of bed and announced to Kat that it was going to be a couch day because I had absolutely no energy and didn’t see any coming at anytime soon.  She spent the day with her art and her bump on the couch.  Sunday was a little better, but not by much, after a shower we went wild and took a trip to Costco and took a nap together…WoooooHoooo!

This week was a lot better I worked Monday and Tuesday then my lovely wife treated me to a facial on Wednesday. Believe me manly men there is nothing better that a facial unless it is a massage!  Thursday I flew to Louisville to spend a couple of days with my Mom and am currently sitting with her

2018-06-10 19.37.09
Riveting TV…lol

while she naps and I am writing.  It has been a great weekend.  Friday night I got to go to my 45th high school reunion.  I went to an all male school so for our reunions we have one night that is a stag.  I went with a buddy I stay in touch with, Dennis Dauphinais, and really guys – those guys are freaking old!  Dennis and I stood at the door looking and couldn’t believe

2018-06-08 21.40.44
Bunch of Old dudes


how everybody had gotten so old and we stayed so young.  We

had such a good time we stayed for almost 5 hours.  Saturday I got to go to a favorite AA meeting where I reunited with some long term friends and then went to visit another who just got home from the hospital, Don Perkey.  Mom and I have been just hanging out catching up, working the jigsaw puzzle and taking lots of naps.  Tomorrow I think we are off to buy her a new pair of shoes then I head home first thing Tuesday.

2018-06-10 13.07.11
Downtown Louisville
2018-06-10 12.56.15
Puzzle Master
2018-06-10 12.55.43
The Puzzle


It has been a real introspective couple of weeks.  Last week I saw my therapist Louise and she is at the one year mark in her cancer battle so we had quite a bit to work through that day.  It was surprising how much we had in common at this stage of our recovery.  I was talking about how I went down on Saturday and she noted that it was no surprise with the stress and anxiety of a milestone doctor visit.  Even though you have the scans and know that you have the cancer kicked until the doctor puts his stamp of

My Beauty

approval on the process you still have that memory of the first test when they told you that you have cancer.  The memory of the treatment and recovery silently live at the back of your brain especially when you haven’t recovered the first time!  We also talked about the wear and tear on family and friends and what a toll that can take.  We wrapped up the visit with talking about despite the wear and tear how eternally grateful we are for where we are.  Again, the sky is bluer, activities are more meaningful and the time with others is more special. This was further cemented at the reunion and sitting with my friend Don that just got out of the hospital.  Life is to short and sweet to worry about most of the things we worry about. You can’t change other people or affect most situations so why get yourself all twisted.  If I pay attention to living life one moment at a time, try to seek the good in that moment, trust God’s plan and try my best to the next right thing I am much happier and don’t worry about anything.


Quote of the day – There isn’t enough room in your mind for both worry & faith. You must decide which one will live there  Anonymous



Author: Don

Hi my name is Don Penny I am a professional woodturner in Jacksonville, FL. I was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic squamous cell carcinoma in 3 lymph nodes and the base of the tongue and this is my story of day to day life while fighting cancer.

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