Day 20 – Life on Life’s Terms

2017-12-18 18.46.16
Day 20!

Mixed bag today.  I decided to forgo my sleep meds and it was an interesting night.  I was much more restless, but I did get up at 8:30 this morning.  Couple that with a nap this afternoon and the sleep time was not much different and I seem to be more lethargic. But I did get my running done and was home by noon.   Who the hell knows and really – do you care?  You know you have been on your own way too long when you start doing sleep experiments.  Either way I sleep about 12 hours so there you have it.  Other than that waste of energy, it was a nice day.  Ms Kathy was off and that always makes it a better day around here, plus I LOVE this weather.  Shorts in

2017-12-18 18.45.31
Burnin’ Down The House!

December that’s what I’m talking about!  I went Christmas shopping at Studio Apothecary and what a treat.  Christianna haws some very nice reasonably priced items and they are open every day this week from 11am until 7pm. 1268 McDuff Avenue South, 32205. After all they carry Studio 5032, and we all know how great those guys are!  It was a blast watching my wife the mad scientist work with epoxy coating last night and today.  I knew we were in trouble when she asked me if there was gas in torch.  I love the way that woman’s mind works – it pushes me to be better and more creative every day and I love her for it.

I scored another pretty good day on the be kind to others project.  I had a particularly difficult problem with a credit card company that had to be dealt with on the phone today.  The whole transaction took about 4 calls, a couple of emails, a long time on hold, several transfers and some customer service people who really could have cared less.  Have you tried to call a credit card company lately?  I am glad that God is on my side because it takes an act of Him to get a live person on the phone.  No amount of pressing 0 or saying representative will get you to a live person until you say the right combination of things while pushing the right buttons.  Then you end up down the rabbit hole talking to a person who has no clue what you are talking about or how to handle it.  It got to the point where people were blind transferring me just to get rid of me and any trace that they had talked to me! And to make matters worse I knew what I was telling them was correct and I had written proof.  I surprised myself to tell you the truth, the whole ordeal took about 2 hours and at no point did I raise my voice or call anybody any names.  I kept telling myself that no good would come of it and that they are just people doing their jobs and are only given enough information to get by on.  They have been told what to say and how to say it so why get upset with them?  If I have a beef I need to take it up with someone a whole lot further up the food chain than them. The result?  I have to wait a day or so to make sure they got it straightened out and I don’t have to fume about it until that happens.  God is good!  Another great day in the life of a complicated boy!  Love you guys.


LESSON OF THE DAY –  “It is the still, small voice that the soul heeds, not the deafening blasts of doom.”   William Dean Howells


Author: Don

Hi my name is Don Penny I am a professional woodturner in Jacksonville, FL. I was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic squamous cell carcinoma in 3 lymph nodes and the base of the tongue and this is my story of day to day life while fighting cancer.

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