Day 19 – Back On Track

2017-12-17 21.41.38
Day 19 – Feeling Fine

Thanks for letting me think that through yesterday.  A down day, hot soak and 12 hours of sleep and I am back to even!  Kat and I had a really nice Sunday.  We hung around the house until about 1:30 and headed out to do some craft shopping for Christmas presents.  Well that led to a pizza stop and we even decided to finish Christmas Shopping!  Good news was we were back at home by 5 and I was able to sit for awhile.  Kat of course headed immediately to the shop where I joined her about 6:30 to work on some acorns.  Like I said it was a pretty good day.  I learned that I can taste black olives, onion, and Oreos are not there yet!

What I really learned was this one day at time approach to life works works a hell of a lot better than trying to predict the future or wallow in the past. Sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly…LOL  I got up today with no expectations and did what I needed to do first, then considered what I would like to do.  Tonight I am a little tired but not worn out to the point of inactivity tomorrow.  It’s not like I have not lived it, but living one day at a time takes commitment, thought and a lot of prayer. It means pausing when agitated or anxious and praying for calm. It means questioning where you are in in your day and what are you thinking about.  Are you worrying about tomorrow or trying to make the most out of today?  At night you need to review your day and to make sure that you got the most out of it. You need to ask what could I have done better?  What did I waste energy on?  How could I have been more effective?  What did I do right?  Did I worry about myself all day or was I available to someone else who needs help?  It takes work, but it makes me a better person when I do.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  OK my friends it is time for me to retire, I hope you all had a great weekend.  Maybe with some practice we all be better people in time for Christmas weekend.


LESSON OF THE DAY –  “In prayerful silence you must look into your own heart. No one can tell you better than yourself what comes between you and God. Ask yourself. Then listen!”  Johannes Tauler


Author: Don

Hi my name is Don Penny I am a professional woodturner in Jacksonville, FL. I was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic squamous cell carcinoma in 3 lymph nodes and the base of the tongue and this is my story of day to day life while fighting cancer.

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