Day 18 – Life Lessons

2017-12-16 20.12.32
Day 18

Oh it was a wonderful time last night and a looooong day today.  I missed the SoMMA Christmas party and the 2nd night of Zoo Lights.  I probably could have done one of them, but I would have been down for a couple of more days.  I felt really bad sending Kathy out by herself on both occasions but I was just out of energy.  Just when you think you are really getting the hang of this you go down again.  But I seem to be getting a couple of good days now between the bad.  The bad isn’t really as awful as it may sound I slept until 12:30 got up and ate then moved directly to the couch where I got under the blanket and watched TV.  When Kat got home we moved to the bed so she could get a nap before zoo lights then I moved back to the couch to watch TV until she gets home.

I know that I am doing really well.  Strength and stamina are increasing, my taste buds are slowly coming back, my throat is not as sore and my skin is healing well.  I thank God at least twice a day for the people in my life praying and rooting for me and for His good graces bestowed upon me.  But I just get down when I have these tired days.  I begin to wonder if I am ever going to get it all back.  Yesterday I am thinking “Wow at this rate I’ll be back at it by the end of January!”  Today it is “Will I ever be able to get anything done?” The sad part of it is that I know better.  One Day At A Time – be thankful for the days whether I am excelling or recouping.  If I could stay in the day I would be thankful for being able to go last night and extremely thankful that I am in a position to heal today.  God always takes care of me and the things that I need to get done.  It is just so much easier to ride the emotional highs and lows – I guess that is why we call it work.  So today my mantra is not to get caught up in stringing together good days, but to live each day as it comes, making the best out of each one, doing what I am supposed to do without comparing it to yesterday or worrying about what tomorrow is going to bring.  Wish me luck!  Of course I will let you know how it is going!


LESSON OF THE DAY – “Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.”   Leo Tolstoy

Author: Don

Hi my name is Don Penny I am a professional woodturner in Jacksonville, FL. I was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic squamous cell carcinoma in 3 lymph nodes and the base of the tongue and this is my story of day to day life while fighting cancer.

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