Day 12 – Attitude of Gratitude

2017-12-10 19.30.20
Day 12 – Attitude of Gratitude

Hey I got up early this morning!  10:30 and felt pretty damn good for a change.  Of course Kathy was already out in the shop, but some us are more motivated than others.  It was just too cold for me to even consider it so I focused on the return to food adventure.  Today I added potato chips – interesting, oatmeal – kind of nutty and goldfish – strangely satisfying.  The chips and goldfish require attention and like most things lately that require attention I will probably ignore due to the lack of nutrition and ease of consumption. I said I feel better, still tired so I napped on the couch watching TV for the afternoon.  As it warmed up we decided to go visit our sister and brother in love Keoni and Amy for a bit to take Keoni his birthday present. They are finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel caused by hurricane Irma.  They live between the shell of the house and a camper, surrounded by the remnants of damage and the hopes of new installations.  It looks like they have finally crossed the top of the ridge with the insurance company’s paying what is owed and designing a new home.  With any luck they should be in a brand new, 8 foot off the ground, home by May.  We came home to start a fire, have a little dinner and relax.

I learned a lot about gratitude today.  Yes Kat and I face issues, cancer, finances, work that needs to be done.  But I have the ability to heal in an environment conducive to the healing process.  My bed is in the same building as my shower and toilet.  I don’t have to soak in a bathroom with no walls and bare concrete floors.  My water runs clear and my kitchen sink isn’t a laundry tub. I don’t have to muck through the mud to get something to eat and my clothes are in a closet.  Yet Keoni and Amy trudge valiantly to work everyday and make the most out of what they do have, looking for the silver lining rather that the cloud.  I have been worrying about decorating for Christmas and they couldn’t if they wanted to.  It comes back to being with the people that you love and making the most out of every day.  You don’t need to live in a 5 million dollar beach front house, drive a new car and have everything that you have ever wanted to be happy.  Just a bit of gratitude for what you do have, a love and appreciation for the people in your life and the realization that someone always has it worse than you.  Tonight I sit on my throne, King of all that surrounds me, bathed by the heat of a fire, my stomach full and with the love of my life by my side.  I cannot ask for more.  Thank you God for all that you have given me, all that you have taken away from me, but most of all for all that you have left me.


LESSON OF THE DAY – “Our only security is our ability to change.”   John Lilly


Author: Don

Hi my name is Don Penny I am a professional woodturner in Jacksonville, FL. I was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic squamous cell carcinoma in 3 lymph nodes and the base of the tongue and this is my story of day to day life while fighting cancer.

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