Day 27 – 13 Radiations and 2 Chemos to Go!

2017-11-11 15.25.41
Day 27 175 lbs

What a nice day to be alive.  Kat, Finn and I are still in our pajamas and we don’t give a damn…lol.  I was another day of healing and enjoying company.  I am growing to really revel in this simple life that I am living.  Should I go for a walk, go to the shop, take a nap, watch a video?  Sometimes during the day I even forget that I am sick……that is when I don’t swallow, have to pee or spit!  Just for giggles this morning I decided to time the morning routine just to see how long it took.  (No I’m not bored) Out of bed by 9:30 and by the time I was done brushing, swishing, greasing, drinking, medicating, eating, and swishing again it was 11:00 am! No wonder I felt

2017-11-11 15.24.24
Cleaning Greens

like taking a nap.  Finn and I had just about settled down when the phone rang and our good friends Susan and Frankie called.  Susan lives in Fernandina and Frankie travels for work and they were at the Farmers Market and wanted to stop by.  It was a nice afternoon of sitting around the table and catching up.  And they gave us a bunch of turnips and greens that Kat immediately prepared for dinner with fatback and smoked ham hock…..all we need now are a mess of white acre field peas and some

2017-11-11 15.24.15

cornbread. But the greens and turnips hit the spot.  Finn and I did get our nap before dinner and the social hour was completed by a call from my buddy Bernard checking in on me.  Tonight we are all three on the couch and all is right with the world.

Again, thank you Veterans  for your service and thank you all for taking such good care of me, each in your own way.  Bob, Larry and Dy thank you for your blog comments, Facebook friends, thank you for your daily comments, encouragement and likes, family and friends thank you for your emails, cards, phone calls, visits and thoughts, to all the contributors to the Go-Fund-Me account thank you, and for the prayers, God Bless You.  And finally, Kathy Lynn and Jan thank you for your love, care attention and tolerance.  I love you and would not want to do this by my side.  It takes a community to heal and I am blessed to have each and every one of you by my side on this journey.

2017-11-11 19.02.20
Couple of Lazy Butts!


LESSON OF THE DAY – Life is good if you want it to be.

Author: Don

Hi my name is Don Penny I am a professional woodturner in Jacksonville, FL. I was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic squamous cell carcinoma in 3 lymph nodes and the base of the tongue and this is my story of day to day life while fighting cancer.

2 thoughts on “Day 27 – 13 Radiations and 2 Chemos to Go!”

  1. Hello yogi! Been thinking about you. Everyone at Yoga sends healing and love! From the blog I get the feeling you are on the more painful side of this….sending extra love to you. I’ll check in this week!


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