Day 21 – 18 Radiations and 3 Chemos to Go!

2017-11-05 15.13.23
Day 21 176lbs Shop Time

Today is officially the half way point! Gearing up for the 4th week of treatment starting tomorrow morning at 8am.  Thanksgiving will screw things up a bit and push it into the following week, but I am pretty excited about being where I am.  It was a healing day today,  I’m keeping with my commitment.  Kat got up to go out to the Woodturner’s hands on demonstration.  They had a demonstration yesterday by Steve Marlow, who teaches how to make a bowl from a flat board while we were at the fair.  Today members got to participate in a hands on demonstration where Steve helps them with the project. I didn’t even pretend to want to go….LOL. Finn and I got up and took medicines, ate breakfast of Cream of Wheat and eggnog, washed down by a glass of electrolytes.  Yum Yum! I now gauge my food by the amount of metallic taste it

2017-11-05 10.21.31
God’s miraculous world

produces.  Kat made some banana pudding last night that tasted like aluminum foil.  Anybody want some pudding?  Today she brought me some oatmeal and grits and vanilla ensure because the chocolate just is too thick.  I had oatmeal for lunch, ensure for a snack and am fixing potato soup for dinner.  Well Finn and I sat on the porch and soaked up the beauty of God’s world then headed back to bed to take a morning nap. We got up about 12:30.  Upon arising, we took a walk and tossed the ball until Jan and Albert came to pick him up and Kathy got home.  Then to the shop for 2 hours!  I

2017-11-05 12.53.28
Checking out the back pasture
2017-11-05 10.40.14
Come on Unc I got it warmed up!

promised that I would not go out there unless someone is here so I went out a worked on the fish for the center.  This afternoon another nap and here I am waiting for the soup to

2017-11-05 16.07.15
She is so cool


Enough minutia, I noticed yesterday when I took my shower, shaved and began trimming my beard that it looked pretty good.  Almost like it hadn’t grown, then this morning when I got up I didn’t have any whiskers, still like I had just shaved, and then as I rubbed my chin a few hairs came out!  Upon further inspection it appears that I have no stubble below the chin line and the rest is getting pretty thin.  I thought this would be traumatic because I have had my beard since my early 20’s  and have only shaved it off for one day since.  Kathy has never seen me without one!  Now if you saw me it looks like it is just shorter than it was and if it continues to go I am alright with it.  I spent some time on line researching it and it could come back 3 to 6 months after treatment. The promising thing was that among the forums there was not one person, female or male, who lost hair or beards, as a result of radiation, who was not grateful that they are alive and are willing to roll with the changes and I pick them. We get so caught up on appearances, weight, hair, clothes, cars, houses, schools and jobs.  Sitting today with Jan, Albert and Kat was so much more important and gratifying than any stinking thing that I own or think that I need.

I hope that you guys don’t think I am down or wallowing in it, I’m not.  Kat asked me how my potato soup was and I told her it was warm, filling, didn’t hurt to swallow, and didn’t taste metallic – that is the best that I can ask for and that is alright.  I have a house, clothes, food to eat, medical care and people who love me.  I am loved and blessed and this is a temporary inconvenience. Someday soon I won’t have indigestion, food will begin to taste good, my beard will begin to grow – HOPEFULLY! – God just might allow me to return to my life cancer free.  There are so many of us in this cancer game and most are just trying their damnedest to live another day.  Who am I to dishonor those who have walked this path before me by complaining about my journey. Thank you for listening to me tonight I hope that I have brought you some clarification about something you are struggling with.  You keep me honest and in touch with my Higher Power that I choose to call God, and for you and that I am eternally grateful.


LESSON OF THE DAY – Be thankful, for warm, filling, didn’t hurt to swallow, and didn’t taste metallic – it is what you need.


Author: Don

Hi my name is Don Penny I am a professional woodturner in Jacksonville, FL. I was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic squamous cell carcinoma in 3 lymph nodes and the base of the tongue and this is my story of day to day life while fighting cancer.

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