Day 7 – 30 Radiation 5 Chemos to Go!

2017-10-22 13.46.06
Day 7 178lbs

Today was another day in paradise!  God smiled on us all day.  I had a great night’s sleep and was only slightly muddle headed and weak for the day.  The nodes are a little tender and a small headache, but nothing an aspirin or two didn’t cure.  I woke up about 9:15 but had to lay in bed and read because Kat is afflicted with the mother gene!  You know the one…whenever someone in the house is up or moving you immediately wake up to check to see who is in trouble or needs your attention!  God bless her she is as tired as I am, especially if she sleeps past 7, and thankfully she made it until 10.

2017-10-22 19.39.57

Our girl Sydney even slept until we got up so all was right with the world!  Sydney is a 16 year old Senegal Parrot who will live until about age 85.  She was raised by Kat and is very loving of women, Jan in particular.  Men she could take or leave.  It has taken me 5 years to develop a mutual toleration of each other.  I feed her and clean her cage and even though she is very protective of letting me know, I am growing on her…LOL

2017-10-22 12.14.13
Let the Fun Begin!

Nothing is nicer than weekends at our house, if there are no pressing engagements we start with some reading and chat on the porch enjoying the surroundings, fix a little  breakfast and move quickly to the shop.  Kat went out first while I caught up the laundry because she is under the gun for the big woodturning competition at the Jacksonville Fair.  Our club sponsors the booth and I am in charge of the competition. We usually have about 40 participants

2017-10-22 12.13.39
Top Secret!

in 2 categories, traditional turned objects and embellished turning.  This year the judges are Micheal Cottrell and Brian Fruss, Art Professors at JU and Dixie Biggs, an incredible turner and carver from Gainesville, FL.  So the stakes are high.  You will get to see the entries in a couple of weeks.  I did finally get my tabletop finished and it is turning out really nice, I just need to assemble it.  The nice part of spending the day together in the shop is that even though we don’t always talk, we sing along

2017-10-22 13.41.13
Table Top

with the Ipod and create together.  It is so nice to have someone to bounce ideas off of and to help figure out what you are really trying to do.  Seeing Kat go off on a new design or using a tool in a different way opens the possibilities to the endless opportunities of the mind.

About 3 I snuck off for my walk and just enjoyed the world.  There were cows in the fields and a dog or 2 to greet me along the way.  Ghosts are appearing in the trees and pumpkins are showing on the porches.  I am really enjoying the strolls.  There was a finch that walked with me today flying and landing on a fence staying about 10 feet ahead until she flew off into a tree.  It reminds me of the wonders of life and this journey has slowed me down making the sky more blue, the grass more green and the world alive with wonder.

Arriving home I talked to Chaz, my nephew, and Debbie Whittenberg from Louisville before embarking on my afternoon nap.  When I got up my good old country girl fixed Fried Catfish, cheese grits and white field peas for dinner.  Finger Licking Good!  Ms Kat is without a doubt one of the finest cooks in Jacksonville.  She can grill, smoke, chop, fry and bake with the best of them, just ask many of the folks who clammer for one of her dinners.  I am one lucky man to be able to dine with her daily!

As I said in the beginning – Another Day in Paradise!  God continues to bless me in countless ways.  I just have to continue to open my eyes and watch it unfold.  Tomorrow starts week 2 at the hands of the diabolical Hana and Jenn at 11:30 and a trip to the medical oncologist to give some blood before chemo on Tuesday.  Thank you for sharing my day and giving me the opportunity to see the best in this journey.  You make it easier and better than I could have imagined.


Author: Don

Hi my name is Don Penny I am a professional woodturner in Jacksonville, FL. I was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic squamous cell carcinoma in 3 lymph nodes and the base of the tongue and this is my story of day to day life while fighting cancer.

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