Day 1

2017-10-16 09.34.25
182 lbs ready to go!

The treatment begins!  Today I had my 1st radiation treatment at the UF Proton Center.  I am having traditional radiation but people come from all over the world to be treated here.  In my orientation class today we had people from England, Ireland, South Carolina and Maine.  Cancers ranged from prostrate to brain and ages from 10 to 78.  But we got to see the facility and the amenities it offers.  There are yoga classes, art classes, cancer support groups, caregiver support groups and a weekly lunch to meet others going through treatment.  The blessing of another community.  I met with Dr. Dagan, Carlene and Michelle, my Nurse Case Managers.  They went over treatment care and products to use to help the burn and sore throat.  They even gave me an aloe plant so I could use fresh aloe!

Next I was off to treatment where Katy and Jennifer prepared me for treatment.  First they wanted to know where the alignment sticker on my chest went and I had to confess that Kat had an incident of momitis

and pulled it off while she spit on her finger and tried to rub the marker line off!  Thank God I stopped her before she removed the line, they both laughed and told me to tell her to LEAVE IT ALONE!  I then asked them to take a picture of me on the table so I could share it with you and after they locked me down they photo bombed me taking pictures of each other!  They did a CT scan to compare to the placement to the treatment plan then made some adjustments and off we went.  It took about 5 minutes. Finally,  I had to run down to Lavilla for a blood test to get ready for chemo tomorrow. It was a long 4 hours, but I really had a good time and could not ask for a more caring and competent team.  God is definitely watching out for me, thank you for your prayers.

The most humbling part of the day was the overpowering support I woke up to.  Kathy was like she was sending her child off to school. Texts from Coleman, Keith, Bobbie, Jan, Albert, Patti, Jeanie, Susan, Amy, Joe and Abby and calls from Joe and Chaz.  I was crying because I felt so loved and cared for, it was overwhelming.  On the boring side I went over my 2000 calories, got a bunch of filing done – I have been inundated with paper and cleaned off my desk.  I finished the day  with a call to my mom and settling down on the couch with Kat to catch you up and watch The Voice.  Sleep well and we do it again tomorrow! Thanks for letting me share.

LESSON OF THE DAY – Grow your community


Author: Don

Hi my name is Don Penny I am a professional woodturner in Jacksonville, FL. I was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic squamous cell carcinoma in 3 lymph nodes and the base of the tongue and this is my story of day to day life while fighting cancer.

2 thoughts on “Day 1”

  1. And so begins the road to recovery. I am glad you are so happy with the various health professionals. That can make all the difference in the world. I just hope my son (the doctor) gets such glowing reviews from his patients!!

    God bless, my friend.

    Bob & Sandy


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